Activity: Manufacturing (Textiles) in Punjab.
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Authorized Capital
Rs. 500,00,000
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Rs. 246,63,467

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Total 144 marks found.
SOFIT, Class 25, Registered
LIVFREE WITH DEVICE, Class 42, Registered
LIVFREE WITH DEVICE, Class 26, Registered
LIVFREE WITH DEVICE, Class 35, Registered
LIVFREE WITH DEVICE, Class 40, Registered
LIVFREE WITH DEVICE, Class 18, Registered
LIVFREE WITH DEVICE, Class 24, Registered
LIVFREE WITH DEVICE, Class 25, Registered
NEVA STRETCH QUILT, Class 42, Registered
NEVA SOFIT, Class 35, Registered
NEVA STRETCH QUILT, Class 25, Registered
SOFIT, Class 35, Registered
NEVA VELVETI, Class 25, Registered
NEVA MOD FLEX, Class 25, Registered
Live free (LABEL), Class 38, Registered
Live free (LABEL), Class 39, Registered
Live free (LABEL), Class 40, Registered
NEVA SOFIT, Class 25, Registered
NEVA STRETCH QUILT, Class 35, Registered
NEVA MOD WOOL, Class 25, Registered
NEVA ESANCIA QUILT, Class 25, Registered
NEVA SWEAT FREE (LABEL), Class 25, Registered
NEVA CLOTHING FOR LIFE (LABEL), Class 39, Registered
NEVA CLOTHING FOR LIFE (LABEL), Class 36, Registered
Live free (LABEL), Class 24, Registered
Live free (LABEL), Class 37, Registered
Live free (LABEL), Class 29, Registered
Live free (LABEL), Class 30, Registered
Live free (LABEL), Class 32, Registered
Live free (LABEL), Class 33, Registered
Live Free (LABEL), Class 43, Registered
Live Free (LABEL), Class 44, Registered
Live free (LABEL), Class 45, Registered
Live free (LABEL), Class 18, Registered
Live free (LABEL), Class 22, Registered
Live free (LABEL), Class 19, Registered
Live free (LABEL), Class 20, Registered
LIVE FREE (DEVICE), Class 6, Registered
LIVE FREE (DEVICE), Class 7, Registered
Live free (LABEL), Class 2, Registered
LIVE FREE (DEVICE), Class 3, Registered
LIVE FREE (DEVICE), Class 4, Registered
Live free (LABEL), Class 10, Registered
i (LOGO), Class 25, Registered
NEVA BODYWARM, Class 25, Registered
NEVA (LABEL), Class 37, Registered
NEVA CLOTHING FOR LIFE (LABEL), Class 38, Registered
NEVA CLOTHING FOR LIFE (LABEL), Class 42, Registered
Live free (LABEL), Class 11, Registered
Live free (LABEL), Class 12, Registered
Live free (LABEL), Class 13, Registered

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DIN Name Since
00046053 RAJAT KUMAR JAIN 01-01-2015
07225706 MEENAKSHI JAIN 01-01-2015
00208711 NITI JAIN 01-01-2015
07006954 SHELLY JIAN 01-01-2015
00669804 KOMAL KUMAR JAIN 10-06-1981
00193770 NIRMAL KUMAR JAIN 01-01-2002

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